Scouting in England is now Green. This means All activities can resume for members who live in England. Residential activities and international travel may take place. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland guidance may vary. Please check the guidance on the link below for current and accurate information.

Following the Update from the NYA and TSA. Rules for Face to Face meetings and over night activities have changed 06/09/2021. Latest Guidance

Scout Nets & Digi Mode Access

Below are a list of regular Scout nets and quick lists for accessing Scouting Channels/Talk Groups/Reflectors etc on various Digital Modes.

NameDay of WeekTime of DayModeFrequency/Access MethodReflector/Talk GroupOther Notes
Jota RoomAllAllFusionHotspot or Local RepeaterFCS004, Room 27Available 24/7
Jota RoomAllAllFusion Wires-XHotspot or Local RepeaterJOTA-365-ScoutsAvailable 24/7
Jota-365AllAllEcholinkEcholink App/SoftwareJota-365 Available 24/7
Dstar ReflectorAllAllDstarHotspot or Local RepeaterDCS/XLX005 JAvailable 24/7
Free DMR AllAllDMRFreeDMR Network Hotspot or Local RepeaterTG907 & TG9071-9078Available 24/7
Northumberland County Scouts (M0NCS) AllAllAllstar,Echolink, DMR, YSFLocal Repeater, Echolink, Hotspot,Allstar 53406
Echolink – M0NCS-L (754421)
DMR TG23565 (DVScotland, TGIF & SystemX)
YSF – GB-Scout-Northum
Available 24/7
UK Scout NetSaturday09:00 UK LocalHF SSB LSB3.690/7.190 +/- QRMBand Agreed via Echolink Net First
UK Scout NetSaturday09:00 UK LocalEcholinkEcholink App/SoftwareJota-365
World Scout Net1st Saturday of Month22:00GMTEcholinkEcholink App/SoftwareJota-365
USA Radio Scouting Net Monthly2nd Thursday of month9pm CentralEcholinkEcholink App/SoftwareJota-365
USA Radio Scouting NEt Monthly2nd Sunday of month7pm MountainEcholinkEcholink App/SoftwareJota 365