Scouting in England is now Green. This means All activities can resume for members who live in England. Residential activities and international travel may take place. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland guidance may vary. Please check the guidance on the link below for current and accurate information.

Following the Update from the NYA and TSA. Rules for Face to Face meetings and over night activities have changed 06/09/2021. Latest Guidance


D-star is a digital mode that stands for “Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio” and allows for users to be connected to each other through the use of Repeaters and Personal HotSpots.

There are two D-star Reflectors for which can be used. The original one which is REF33A and the New one XLX005J.

XLX005J is built around newer technology and is linked to the FreeDMR TG907 which is the dedicated Radio Scouting Talkgroup. Connect to XLX005J through your Dstar radio or on your hotspot.

To monitor XLX005J Visit Here.

Connecting to XLX005J

On your Hotspot, set the mode to D-Star and select DCS005 or XLX005 and then select Node J.