By now you should’ve heard about Jamboree on the Air and Jamboree on the Internet. It is one of the largest Scouting events around the world and is available to all members from young to old. It allows people from all over the world to speak to like minded individuals and groups in almost every country. In this article we will give you a quick summary of what you can do to prepare for Jambore on the Air and Internet 2021.

Jamboree On The Air

Amateur radio is a hobby enjoyed by millions around the world. It uses specially designed radios and antennas to communicate over the air with other people around the world. To host an amateur radio station at your hut or event you will need to have a license or get a local group involved. An amateur radio base at your JOTA JOTI event will help encourage young people to complete their foundation license to keep the hobby alive.

Getting a amateur radio club involved they will be able to apply for a special event station NOV call sign which will encourage people to work your station. Depending on the band conditions you and your Scouts can easily work around the world.

If you are using Digital Modes such as DMR, Dstar etc there are already various Talk Groups and Reflectors set up for the weekend and throughout the year. FreeDMR has allowed us the use of TG907-9078 for the use of JOTA JOTI. You can view the dashboard for activity here. The brandmeister DMR network also has allowed us the use of TG907-9078. For Dstar XLXSCO now has module B linked with XLX155 and XLX128. This will allow Scouts from all around the world to connect and talk amongst each other. XLXSCO Module J is linked with FreeDMR TG907.

Jamboree On The Internet

The internet is used all around the world and is easy for people to talk to each other on. The JOTA JOTI organisers have a list of trusted partnerships with people who will provide these services in a safe and moderated environment for young people all over the world. Scoutlink provides Minecraft, IRC Chat and Team Speak to give people the chance to communicate with other Scouts around the world.

ScoutWired provides young people with a Minecraft server to use and talk amongst other Scouts around the world. It also provides a Discord Server to talk to each other in a safe and moderated environment. There is a infographic below on how to remain safe on the internet during the JOTA JOTI weekend.

For more information on the entire event and to sign your group up or sign up as an individual please visit