I’ve started this site to encourage me to do more to get people involved in Radio Scouting. I’m using the Skills For Life Theme throughout the page to keep a similar look to the main HQ one. It will also allow me to upload resources for everyone that I either find or make myself.

The aim of this website is for everyone to have a central website in the UK that will allow for the sharing of Resources for JOTA. It is also aimed to provide a guide on how to gain your foundation amateur radio license. It will be updates as much as possible with new resources and articles that will be able to help everyone. We also have included some QSL Card designs which will help. We would also like to develop links with various reflector, node and network owners to increase the ways Scouts and Guides around the world are able to talk to each other.

Radio Scouting UK is not for profit and any donations go straight back into developing the website to make it better and easier for everyone to use. Without the help and support from people around the UK the resources on here will not be easily accessible. We also want to make Amateur Radio and easy to use and access program item for Scout Groups and teaching groups that they will be able to get in touch with local amateur radio groups for them to run sessions with young people.

We have also got links to the latest guidance released by the Scout Association and the RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) for Licensed and Non-Licensed amateurs to follow. This includes the set list of frequencies that Scouts use around the world as well as a list of Nets and Schedules run from all over the world included the weekly Saturday net on Echolink JOTA-365 Node.