TDOTA this year is on February 20th/21st. The 22nd February is Thinking Day because it was the birthday of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout and Guide movements, and his wife Olave, who was the first World Chief Guide.

Like Scouting, Guiding is not allowed to meet face to face in the UK yet. This means Thinking Day On The Air will be slightly different. There will be many Guide groups around the world taking part and we would like to encourage you all to turn on your radio’s and work the stations that will be on the air. A reminder of common frequencies can be found on our HF page.

The Guides On The Air website has plenty of information about what to do on the air and a list of Stations already signed up.

Like everyone else we hope that we will soon be able to go back to normal so we need to carry on doing our bit for the country and stay at home and only travel for essential journeys and work.